Conference Themes

Conference is devoted to tackle a problem of facilitating scientific and labour assets into innovative outputs and economic prosperity. The cooperation between academics and industry will be a subject of the conference to establish solid bases for development of cooperation between these two fields. The aim of the conference is to gather entrepreneurship and academia representatives and establish networks to leverage scientific potential in order to enhance production of innovation-driven products and services. 

The themes of conference are:

  • A2B (Academia-to-Business) cooperation models for leveraging production of innovation-driven products and services by improving accessibility of scientific services and equipment to entrepreneurs.
  • A2A (Academia-to-Academia) cooperation models for improving effectiveness of utilization of available scientific equipment, e.g., purchasing of the same equipment although rarely used.
  • Technological questions of offering and enquiring scientific equipment and services both at the national and regional levels as efficiently and openly as possible.
  • Sustainable finance models behind academia-industry cooperation models.