Day 1

Agrita Kiopa: Innovation Policy in the World and in Latvia: What can we Learn? 

Vernon Harten-Ash: Academia – Industry Success: Seeking the Holy Grail 

Jan Dvorak: Research Information: The euroCRIS Context 

Ulf Karlsson: Serving Industry Needs: KTH Case

Marco Kirm: International and National Challenges for Academia in Attracting Industry to Perform R&D on Publicly Funded 

Research Infrastructures 

Claudio Arlandini: Fostering Technological Innovation in Industry: Challenges and Opportunities 


Panel Discussion

Valdis Avotiņš

Modris Ozoliņš

Zane Cīrule, Jānis Jakobs


Day 2

Pieter de Jong: Reach Out and Connect 

Ivars Kalviņš: Innovation in Latvia - Problems and Solutions

SvenLilla: Cooperating and Communicating With Entrepreneurs in University of Tartu

Gundars Bērziņš: Challenges in Cost Calculation of Scientific Services 


Panel Discussion

Jānis Kļaviņš

Antons Adamovičs

Ģirts Lejiņš

Urmas Lips


Parellel Session

Jan Dvorak: CERIF Tutorial 

Pēteris Rudzājs: Catalogue Equipment and Services for Research and Development 

Michele Mennielli: DSpace-CRIS: An Open Source Solution 


Wrap Up